Preparation, Training & Coaching for Corporates

Anxious presenters, tedious content, confused messages, bored audiences, unconvinced customers, sceptical staff, death by PowerPoint… we’ve all been there.

Peter Browne’s training and coaching empowers presenters to transform detailed, complex presentations into engaging, memorable experiences.

Transform Your Corporate Presentations

Presenters will learn to distil complex content into powerful engaging narratives.

Internal updates and reports

Internal updates and reports

Bids, pitches and proposals

Public Speaking Program

Management conferences 

Event Preparation

Customer events

Unlocking Potential Across All Corporate Levels

For events, videos, training and coaching, Peter has worked with corporate presenters from graduates to middle managers to C-Suite in Asia and Australia.

Training workshops and programs

Participants explore and apply fundamental communication principles and learn processes and practices to develop and deliver clear content that inspires audiences.

Preparation for crucial events

Preparation for crucial events

For conferences, roadshows, bids, pitches and client functions, Peter prepares and rehearses presenters to deliver to the highest professional standards.

Individual coaching sessions

These sessions focus on the individual needs of executives.

  • Skill development
  • Presentation refinement and rehearsal

Tailored Perspective and Empowerment

Whatever the needs of your employees, teams, managers or senior executives, Peter provides a unique perspective based on deep experience in the entertainment industry and corporate communication. His guidance is based on the engagement, storytelling and preparation principles used in theatre, film & tv and journalism.

Tailored Perspective and Empowerment

His training and coaching give presenters the skills and processes to 

  • Clearly define key messages

  • Simplify Complex Ideas into a Powerful Narrative

  • Communicate with Confidence and Energy

  • Inspire Audiences to Action

What Our Clients Say

Peter Warne

Peter Warne

Chairman and Non Executive Director

He could very quickly come to understand the nuances of a particular corporate culture, corporate politics and personalities and develop creative approaches to dealing with these. He could examine problems and issues from an outsider’s perspective and propose solutions which often eluded the insiders.

Damian Meduri

Damian Meduri

Associate Director, Greater China
Department of Enterprise, Investment & Trade

NSW Government Investment NSW logo

Peter tailored an all-encompassing customized pitch program perfectly suited to our requirements. The face-to-face and online workshops proved to be both interactive and engaging. Peter’s unwavering commitment to the success of each participating business was evident in his detailed feedback, and businesses attested to finding the workshops exceptionally practical.


Katarina Uherova Hasbani

Global Director of Strategy & Advisory


Peter supported AESG across divisions with communication coaching that enabled individuals in our organisation to convey our vision, mission and impact more effectively. Not only that, Peter instilled a new way of thinking with our technical experts to make them think and present their ideas in a more engaging manner. I strongly recommend him!


Latha Jagadeeswaran

Associate Director
Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner

NSW Government Investment NSW logo

Peter delivered pitching workshops and provided 1:1 coaching to the businesses in our program, and did so with incredible care and compassion for some very nervous presenters. Peter went above and beyond to accommodate availability where possible and ensure each presenter was prepared for the pitch events – with audiences of more than 250 potential partners from government, corporate and media. After a successful first year, we re-engaged Peter for the second year of the program and saw the same fantastic outcomes from the presenters.

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