Programs involve either all or a combination of the following:

Presentation skills and content development.

Elevator Pitch, Investor Pitch, Pitch Decks.

‘Mock Investor Meetings’ reviewed.

Individual pitch feedback and coaching

Demo Day preparation and cohort rehearsals.

Since 2012 in Singapore, since 2016 in Jakarta and since 2019 in Australia, Peter Browne has been engaged to run content development sessions, presentation skills training , investor readiness programs and Demo Day coaching and rehearsals for Startup Accelerators and Incubators.

The programs are designed according to the requirements of each accelerator and range from ‘fly-in fly-out’ sessions to a comprehensive curriculum of practical sessions over weeks and/or months.

The premise for all programs is that sustained high standards of performance are achieved by:

– awareness and practise of narrative elements and storytelling structures;

– awareness and practise of content development processes;

– awareness and application of slide development principles;

– awareness and practise of voice control, body control and presentation skills;

– awareness and application of rehearsal process.

Short duration programs give all participants a theoretic understanding of the principals and processes of communication and then intense 1-1 coaching and rehearsals towards Demo Day.

Long duration programs give participants continuous opportunities to apply presentation skills, content and slide development processes and investor readiness exercises through regular group sessions, then sustained 1-1 coaching and rehearsals towards Demo Day.