Good communicators
make great leaders

They tell inspiring stories and really connect with us. Their style appears

effortless and unattainable. But it can be learned and we can teach you.




Overcome obstacles by

applying the skills of

great communicators

Anxious presenters, tedious content, confused messages, bored audiences, unconvinced customers, sceptical staff, death by PowerPoint… we’ve all been there.

To direct behaviour and effect change, great communicators actively connect with their audience with a strong, well structured narrative. They share their intellect and belief, their ideas and experience.

Through a series of active exercises, you will experience and learn the insights, processes and technical expertise used by writers, actors and accomplished speakers.

But that is only half the equation. We believe your audience will feel truly inspired and motivated when you speak with passion and personality – to their hearts as well as their minds.

Present naturally with

integrity and passion

To achieve this we do not offer formula-based presentation training by a team of people who have been trained to train. Instead, we design a very personalised program which is delivered by a coach with extensive experience in both the entertainment and corporate sectors.

Every presentation skills workshop is customised because every person and team we work with has unique experience, personality, confidence level, objectives and target audiences. One size does not fit all.

Our primary purpose is to help you truly understand and connect with your audience so they won’t just hear you, they will believe.

Intangible Value


Over the years we have enjoyed seeing our clients develop their presentation skills and shine in front of their audiences.

In addition, they benefit from many intangibles. In individual sessions, founders and executives redefine business strategies as they crystalize their messages. In group presentation training sessions, we see ideas exchanged and valuable new relationships forged.

Presentation skills training can be daunting – whether you are just beginning, looking for a fresh approach or even incremental improvement. Our sessions are relaxed and inclusive. They are dynamic, interactive and open communication is encouraged.

We provide a safe, trusting environment while stretching you to become a stand-out presenter.

And importantly, we always manage to have fun.

Develop the core skills to present with

feeling energy and impact

 “Peter engages well with the participants and provides a well –structured program. He also is personable and approachable. Furthermore, he gives personal attention and guidance to participants individually. We will certainly continue to have him conduct our future workshops.”

Brian Koh

 “Peter Browne and his team at Intangible Communications have challenged our thinking and provided us with world class ideas, advice and content that’s second to none.”

Ivan Ritossa
Executive Committee Member ’07-’12

 “He does a fantastic job of being positive and encouraging yet very objective and critical. Being a mirror (reality check) is crucial as a pitch coach, but delivering this without killing the spirit requires a lot of tactfulness which only comes with experience. Highly recommend him for anyone who is the frontline of a company! “

Krishanthan Surendran

 “His advice on content, structure and how to present was superb. He significantly enhanced my presentation and he was an excellent sounding board on how best to articulate some very complex ideas that I was presenting. I’ll certainly be using his services to prepare for all major speaking engagements in the future.”

Roger Egan III

“While many factors go into the success or failure of a startup, the ability of foreign teams to present with confidence and clarity is definitely a major contributor to their ability to secure follow-up meetings with investors after Demo Day, and that ability is due to Peter Browne.”

Wong Meng Weng
Social Engineer

“Peter Browne worked extensively with me to substantially improve my presentation skills for TV and live audiences. This included crafting both content and delivery to connect deeply with different audiences. It was an invaluable experience which set me up for all subsequent presentations.”

Rosaline Kow Choo
Founder & CEO

“He could very quickly come to understand the nuances of a particular corporate culture, corporate politics and personalities and develop creative approaches to dealing with these. He could examine problems and issues from an outsider’s perspective and propose solutions which often eluded the insiders.”

Peter Warne

“All of us who attended the training feel that, our presentation skills are very professional comparatively, be it with the client meetings or internal meetings. We were extremely happy with the outcome and we are now engaging Peter Browne’s services to our extended team on both Presentations and corporate email communications training.”

Vaishnavi RajendraKumar
Global Vice President of Professional Services

Let us help you motivate your audience