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I met Peter nearly ten years ago and starting JFDI Asia gave us the opportunity to work together closely over the last six years. Working with Peter and technologists made me realise that many have a great story to tell – but how to tell it and how to present it convincingly to critical audiences like investors, shareholders and customers?

Peter’s fantastic interpersonal skills, his personal integrity and insight into what holds good people back from communicating their ideas brilliantly have been an enormous asset. I could not have asked for a more honest, capable, energetic business partner as JFDI has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and their success is a testimony to the confidence that Peter gave them when they were starting out. “

Hugh Mason – Co Founder, CEO

“Peter Browne and his team at Intangible Communication have challenged our thinking and provided us with world class ideas, advice and content that’s second to none.”

Ivan Ritossa – Executive CommitteeInvestment Bank, 2007-2012

“Peter is a passionate and enthusiastic communications practitioner who delivers results. He marries useful frameworks and concepts with hands-on personalised feedback and encouragement,

Peter’s unique value-add is his ability is to draw out each individual’s own unique voice and style which gives them both the structure and inner confidence to transform their presentation.”

Jamie Camidge – Head of Singapore, 2016-17

“Peter changed the way I prepare and present. He helped me to find my own way for delivering content with impact. Since I started working to him, it is much easier to connect with my audience and get my voice heard.

I had several people coming up to me to tell my they liked my presentations so that’s a fantastic conversation starter!”

Katarina Uherova Hasbani – Founder, CEO

“I admire Peter’s ability to quickly understand our customer pains, selling points and product. He then suggested hands on improvements.

We rehearsed different presentations over and over with steady improvement in a fun way I have not experienced before. We still benefit from this.”

Konrad Fagertun – Head of Business Development

“Peter has been such an invaluable supporter of our accelerator since our inception a year ago. His ability to distill messages and working closely with our founders to craft the right pitch and message is amazing. We’re very grateful for all the moments he’s been there, working individually with the startups, coaching them in the lead up to demo day and generally bringing such great energy into our sessions.

Thank you Peter for helping shape the next generation of cybersecurity founders in APAC! I would highly recommend Peter to any founder or accelerator out there who needs a talented coach to help with your messaging!”

Nicole De Silva – Program Manager, Singapore

“He could very quickly come to understand the nuances of a particular corporate culture, corporate politics and personalities and develop creative approaches to dealing with these.

He could examine problems and issues from an outsider’s perspective and propose solutions which often eluded the insiders.”

Peter Warne – Chairman

 “His advice on content, structure and how to present was superb. He significantly enhanced my presentation and he was an excellent sounding board on how best to articulate some very complex ideas that I was presenting.

I’ll certainly be using his services to prepare for all major speaking engagements in the future.”

Roger Egan III – Co-Founder, CEO

“We have been working with Peter for over a year now and we have enjoyed every bit of the relationship. In addition to the working with founders, now recently engaged him for other members in the team. He is patient to understand the issues being faced, asks the right questions and is flexible with the work schedule. Thanks Peter!”

Rohan Pasari – Co-Founder, CEO

“Peter  Browne  worked  extensively  with  me  to  substantially  improve  my presentation skills for  TV  and  live  audiences. This  included  crafting  both  content  and  delivery to connect deeply  with  different  audiences.

It  was  an  invaluable experience  which set  me up  for  all subsequent  presentations.”

Rosaline Kow Choo – Founder, CEO

“Peter helped to improve & sharpen my presentation skills. He worked with me on investor pitches but also on presentations in front of a large audience (500-1,000 people) & even my own wedding speech.

He stayed calm when I was anxious & nervous; Peter helped me tremendously to get the important messages across. “

Tom Lokenvitz – Co-Founder, CEO 

“All of us who attended the training feel that, our presentation skills are very professional comparatively, be it with the client meetings or internal meetings.

We were extremely happy with the outcome and we now engage Peter Browne’s services to our extended team on both Presentations and communications training.”

Vaishnavi Rajendra Kumar – Global Vice President of Professional Services

“While many factors go into the success or failure of a startup, the ability of foreign teams to present with confidence and clarity is definitely a major contributor to their ability to secure follow-up meetings with investors after Demo Day, and that ability is due to Peter Browne.”

Wong Meng Weng – Co-Founder, Social Engineer